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August 2012

Good Day Papi’s Peeps!
I hope everyone is having a cool summer so far. Although, it hasn’t been as hot as last years’ heatwave, It’s still scorching, nonetheless. I have been busy working on a few projects. One of them as the leader for the Kaskade Street Team here in Houston.  For the months of April/May I started promoting the concert and met some great folks who were part of my team. I got to see Afrojack, Major Lazer, Starkillers, & Nadia Ali, and of course, Kaskade. It was a great experience. You can see many of  those pictures & videos on our Kaskade Houston Street Team page on Facebook:

I’ve been busy experimenting with some new beats. I’ve got some Tech House mixes, Electro Mixes, & Nu Disco/Indie beats scattered throughout. Let me know which mixes you like. All of the tracklists are on my site and I’ve also posted my latest top twenty list. I am trying to post that as often as I can. i’m working on weekly posts.

Keep in mind that the podcasts/mixes have a place to leave comments. Just click on the grey shaded area throughout the mix and leave a comment. Any and all feedback is appreciaed!

Also, please LIKE my facebook dj page. This is where you can find new mixes and posts of activities that I’m doing in between newsletters:

Now for the mixes:::

Hoochie Coochie Mix

July Live Beats 2012

Sensational Bullets

these can be found on my site:

Pop Art 2012 Vol. IV:

Nothing Compares 2 Dreams:


Have a Happy August, Birthday, Full Moon, Civic Holiday, & any other festival you may party at! Thanks for your Support – Take Care – Dj Papi


Welcome to another edition of Papi’s Peeps

It’s the end of January and February in three days. How quick time flies. Since I mentioned I was not ready in the last newsletter. Here is the reason why. I have a new website and have been working on getting it up and running. It’s still a work in progress, but hope with some time, that it’ll benefit both you and me.

First of all, l now have Soundcloud and will have my mixes posted here as well as my Soundcloud page. Please feel free to add your 2 cents worth anywhere throughout the mixes. I am working on having it play the music while browsing the site. Tech support hasn’t figured that one out yet. But, it’s coming!

Secondly, I will need everyone interested in continuing to receive my newsletter to sign up at the front page of the website. This will freshen up and update my contact list. Also, I have it set up to send me a message before any messages are sent out. This will eliminate any spam attempts.

Next, I will be not be using my mediafire account. Not necessarily that file sharing sites are being shut down, but that since I now have Soundcloud, I no longer will be using this site. So if there are any old mixes you want, let me know and I will be happy to send you the link.

Currently this site is a work in progress. Any suggestions would be appreciated since this site is for both you and me. So, bear with me. There will be constant changes until I figure this all out, okay until Tech Support figures it out! We are working to make it more interactive.

I am working on my productions and will post them here as soon as they are finalized. And, of course, you can now follow me everywhere on the WorldWideWeb:

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