About Me

Hello, my name is Rudy Rodriguez, also known as Dj Papi. I’m a smart ass. At least that’s what my sister calls it. I like to call it “quick witted.” It has a ring to it.

Born and raised in Houston, I’m a rare gem in this city. Part of the X Generation, music was very important to me growing up. Some people think I know every song that exists. I know most songs out there.

As a kid, I started my infamous record collection that is still growing to this day. I grew up listening to all kinds of music. However, new wave, Industrial, & New Romanticism reeled me in. Yes, as a teenager I’m the one who wore base, black eyeliner & had my hair teased to  the ceiling.

In the 80’s, I listened to college radio every day for my new wave fix. At this time, the top 40 stations got into the club music market and they would broadcast live from the clubs every weekend. I wasn’t old enough to get into the clubs. So I did what any up and coming deejay would do, I recorded the live broadcasts.

Of course, I “mixed’ them with my vinyl and my favourite songs onto cassettes. I had no idea I was “mixing & editing.” It was just what I needed to do before I passed them out to my friends. I’d be really curious to hear one of those mixtapes now, or would I?

During the 90’s, I was still making mixtapes for my friends as I was improving my skills. My 1st deejaying gig was a leather club, Venture-N. This was my first experience to professional equipment. I went from cassettes to two turntables & CD decks. Also, this was my first time packing the club. Many trains crashed here, but it was a learning experience.

The beginning of the Millennium was the beginning of change. I was hired to dj at various bars & restaurants in the Montrose/Downtown area, as well as numerous House parties and private events throughout the state. I’ve also dj’ed the GLBT festival and have been in the parade with the EJ’s float. You can hear me live at EJ’s several nights a week.

Today, I have the inkling to make my own music. So that’s what I’m working on. With many songs written, it’ll be a matter of time before my songs are out there being played in the many clubs around the world. Let’s hope. So, follow me on my journey of musical bliss through my Facebook page and Twitter (the links are above, top right). – Dj Papi

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